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Khushboo Shah

Finding Customers with 4 Screenshots, Always Selling, Listen-Learn-Iterate, Strong Women-Strong Companies

Khushboo Shah is founder and CEO at Cloudamize, a leader in data and analytics for cloud performance management. Cloudamize is to be able to collect data and provide analysis so businesses can make smart decisions about their infrastructure. Cloudamize was part of DreamIt Ventures accelerator program in Philadelphia and was launched in end of 2012. Twitter @KShah00

She has spent past 15 years, gathering data and building analytic solutions to meet market needs. Prior to starting Cloudamize, Khushboo held management positions at start-ups and worked directly with the leadership team to set the product vision and commercialization strategies. She holds PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California with a focus on network infrastructure data and analysis.

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