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Founders Films shares insight & inspiration from experienced entrepreneurs. This educational series highlights the experiences, lessons learned and advice from seasoned entrepreneurs. We film conversations about childhoods, work experiences, career developments and stories creating new ventures. Our goal is to share these educational stories with aspiring entrepreneurs.

Steve Blank

Over the last 35 years, Steve Blank has been part of, or co-founded eight Silicon Valley startups. These have run the gamut from semiconductors, video games, ... continue reading→

Gabriel Weinberg

Gabriel Weinberg is the Founder and CEO of DuckDuckGo, the search engine that doesn't track you with over three billion searches in 2015. Previously he was ... continue reading→

David Cohen

David Cohen is the founder, Managing Partner, and CEO of Techstars, the #1 ranked Internet startup accelerator in the world. Previously, David was a founder of ... continue reading→

Business Model Canvas

As a Certified Business Model Canvas Trainer and Facilitator in Alex Osterwalder's Strategyzer Program, Matt Terrell was asked to provide an example of an innovative ... continue reading→


We've all heard and seen stories about the legends, the giant tech IPOs, and the sudden billionaires. But it isn't often that we hear the stories of the regular people who have seen opportunities in the marketplace and have succeeded in carving out a space for themselves, to earn a living, employ others, and improve some aspect of their customers' lives. Real-life entrepreneurialism, the engine of the world economy, hasn't been adequately addressed in the documentary film medium, and we think it's time for this story to be told...

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About Us

Matt Terrell

Founders Films is created by Matt Terrell. Terrell is opportunity obsessed and loves entrepreneurship. In addition to creating Founders Films, Matt founded Vision Creations, connects at WellDoc, taught Lean LaunchPad at University of Delaware Horn Program in Entrepreneurship, leads corporate training workshops as a Business Model Canvas Certified Strategyzer Trainer/Facilitator, consults for multiple new ventures and adopts the Open Door Opportunity policy.

Team Founders Films includes an all-star team of visionary story sharers. Our video production team includes Zach Phillips of Short Order Production and Evan Lober of Squatch Creative. Our advisory board includes Founders, Educators, Media Players, Facilitators and Story Sharers. We are all curious hustlers who welcome feedback so that we can create compelling content. We hope our video series comprises the some of the most informative five minutes available for Founders.

Please connect via Twitter @MattHats #FoundersFilms or send us an e-mail to Vision Creations.

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